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Palms Bet Casino Games – The Best in the Business

 What we aim to do at Palms Bet Casino is go further than any other betting site ever has. By excelling in every aspect of online gaming that matters to our users. For instance, the selection of games, the bonus offers, and overall user experience must be absolutely impeccable.

We’re 100% devoted to all of our valuable members at Palms Bet Casino. No matter if you’re only here from time or plan to return daily. Of course, the bonus offers get better the more time you spend with us. But we guarantee from the moment you sign up; you’ll start seeing instant benefits. The Palms Bet Bonus will guarantee you start off in the best situation ever. 

Palms Bet Casino understands the needs of our Bulgarian users and aim to tailor the gaming selection and offers for you. For instance, this goes beyond the games and the website, to the payment options that you are comfortable with and security you can trust.

Palms Bet Casino Game Choices

 Do you want the most comprehensive list of online casinos games on the planet? Then good thing you’re at Palms Bet Casino, where you’ll find them all in one place. Even if you’re not easily impressed by online gaming, you’re sure to love what we have in store. Our pages are overflowing with all of the latest slots, table games and more. Including hundreds of new games, as well as old favorites that players always look for.

Some of these have been around for so long that they have hardcore fans. But you might enjoy discovering some new titles from time to time as well. Moreover, to play them, you don’t need to be glued to your computer. You can play on any mobile device as well, the only thing you need is a strong internet connection and you’re good to go.


 The Palms Bet Casino slots selection is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. For example, you can play hundreds of unique, thrilling slot games. Spin the reels for a chance to win amazing bonuses and some of the largest jackpots you can imagine.

These games also include some extremely fun and entertaining themes. As well as in-game bonuses and features that make them even better than the majority of the games you’ll find inside casinos.

Some popular slot game titles include Vikings, Megabucks, Age of the God and much more. Even if you’ve never played a casino game before you’re sure to love playing slots. There’s no skill needed, all you need to do is spin the reels and hope that they line up in a winning combination.


 Roulette fans will be pleasantly surprised by the roulette choices here at Palms Bet Casino. You’re in for the time of your life with online roulette featuring all of the latest in features and design. These games are far from your ordinary casino roulette games, they’ll keep you entertained for hours and you may even find yourself being rewarded more often.

Furthermore, with online roulette, you can use certain betting systems to further improve your chances of making profit. On top of all the variations where you can try for huge jackpots or bet on multiple wheels at the same time. Don’t be afraid to spice things up a bit with all of the interesting new options now available.


 If you are a card game lover, then blackjack is perhaps the most exciting one to try at Palms Bet Casino. For instance, we have the classic game of blackjack along with many new versions that you’re bound to fall in love with. The betting limits are lower than ever, but high rollers are welcome to try as well. Virtually anyone can have some fun and challenge themselves a little with online blackjack. So, next time you play, try switching things up by using the basic blackjack strategy for an increased chance to win.


 Palms Bet Casino welcomes a large community of poker players. For example, there are a multitude of poker tournaments, sit and go games, casino poker and more right here at Palms Bet online. Additionally, you can give video poker a try if you aren’t confident yet in your skills with competing against others. In video poker the game is sort of like a cross between a slot game and the classic card game. It’s more luck-based, but still gives you plenty of opportunities to make decisions that determines your outcomes.

Some popular variations of video poker are Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, Joker Poker and many more. No matter which one you choose, Palms Bet Casino guarantees you amazing odds that beat out all the competition.


 Want to try a simple, easy game with the same amazingly low house edge as blackjack? Baccarat might just become your new favorite game once you give it a try. In this popular online casino game, you decide first which hand you think will win. Once you do this, the dealer does everything else and it’s fully up to chance.

Baccarat seems a lot harder to learn than it is. But it is the ultimate high roller game that will always have a sophisticated feel.

Massive Jackpots

 There’s never a shortage of enormous slot jackpots you can try to win at Palms Bet Casino. For instance, we currently have millions in prizes that you can win in a single lucky spin of the reels. Try your luck on any of these incredible progressives and you could be a whole lot richer when you’re ready to leave Palms Bet.

Live Dealer Games

 Users love the fact that they can now play live dealer games right here at Palms Bet Casino without missing a thing. All you need to do is login and launch any of the live dealer games you see available. The rest is very self-explanatory and even if you’ve never visited a casino before, you can learn how to play any table game within minutes.